Culture and Digital Capitalism

A Review of 'Digital Lethargy' by Tung-Hui Hu


  • Zachariah Tailor IFILNOVA



In the face of nearly inescapable subsumption of the world by the digital sphere, Tung-Hui Hu's Digital Lethargy offers an evocative lens through which to make sense of digital capitalism's kaleidascopic maelstrom of networks, social relations, expressions and oppressions. Through perceptive analyses of six diverse responses to digital capitalism, Hu delivers an invaluable contribution to the crucial body of literature that is growing around the new digital mode of capitalism. The following review assesses some key aspects of Hu's book whilst asking pertinent questions about the nature of lethargy as a subversive attitude and tactic. 


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Culture and Digital Capitalism: A Review of ’Digital Lethargy’ by Tung-Hui Hu. (2022). Journal of Ethics and Emerging Technologies, 32(2), 1-4.

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