Journal History

A Short History of the Journal

The Journal of Ethics and Emerging Technologies was founded by Nick Bostrom and David Pearce in early 1998, originally under the name of The Journal of Transhumanism. It was published by the World Transhumanist Association from 1998 to 2004. In November 2004, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies assumed control of the journal and changed its name to the Journal of Evolution and Technology.

JEET's raison d'ĂȘtre is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, publishing academic-quality research, which welcomes submissions on subject matters that many mainstream journals shun as too speculative, radical, or interdisciplinary, on all issues relating to the ethics of emerging and transformative technologies. Since its inception, JEET has had five editors-in-chief: Dr. Nick Bostrom, Prof. Robin Hanson, Dr. James Hughes, Dr. Russell Blackford, and (currently) Dr. Mark Walker. 

Historically, the journal has had an acceptance rate of roughly 25%. If you have any questions or you want to support the journal in some way, please contact the current Associate Editor: James Hughes Ph.D.  < >

To access archived issues prior to 2013 see here